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Resize your casper-rw file (ubuntu persistent file) from Windows

Written by Fadli Saad on Thursday 27 September 2012

I've just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a stick. I set the persistent size to 1GB, which later seem not enough IF you want to upgrade your installation. So I decide to resize my persistent file (casper-rw) in the USB stick using Windows (this was don…


Written by Fadli Saad on Monday 16 July 2012

Well, you want a fast smartphone, with no or less bloated software. No fancy widget. No homescreen replacement. Period.

What is Android?

Written by Fadli Saad on Monday 16 July 2012

Android, or known by the geek as Andy, is the operating system develop by Google, with the hope to provide an open source based mobile operating system to the masses. It come to live in the end of 2008, but come to main stream on 2009, with the i…